Learning at Home

To ensure the continuity of education during school closures, so that no children miss out on valuable learning time - please see below a range of resources/website links that you can access from home. 

These resources are additional to Home Learning Timetables that will be posted weekly on ClassDojo by teachers and the ideas below are optional.

Accelerated Reader

It is really important that your child continues to read every day. While we won't be able to provide new books from school for children learning at home, many of the books you have access to at home or online will be on the Accelerated Reader scheme. Your child will be able to check if a book is on the Accelerated Reader scheme by logging into their account and doing a search. Children will be able to quiz after reading a book and also undertake the Star Reading Test which we usually do half termly. Teachers will be able to see the results of quizzes and will use this information to support you with reading at home with your child.

Your child must use this link below or else their login details will not work:



Free ebooks from Oxford Owl

On the Oxford Owl website you can sign up for a free parent account and once this is done, you can browse their ebook library!

Free eBook library | Oxford Owl from Oxford University Press


Book ideas with World Book Day

On the World Book Day site there are hundreds of ideas to keep your child engaged and learning about books. There are craft ideas, author and illustrator video masterclasses, free audiobooks, quizzes, bedtime stories and much more!




Twinkl is an educational resource website. They are currently offering daily free learning resources, grouped by ages. Follow the link below to find today's free resources and/or look back to find previous days as well!

Twinkl Home Learning Hub


Maths activites from White Rose Hub

At Wellesley Park, we use White Rose Hub to guide our maths planning. To support parents at home, White Rose Hub are uploading daily 'lessons' that you can use at home to continue your child's maths learning. Check them out here:



Maths Mastery learning packs for parents/guardians

Mathematics Mastery is a principle which takes the approach that children will develop deep understanding of concepts which will enable them to apply their learning in different situations. On this website you will find a large selection of learning packs for all year groups. Each session gives a chance for the children to talk and learn about mathematical concepts with an adult.




Below you can find 2 document containing links to a huge range of educational resources - we will continue to update this as often as possible. You will also find a document with ideas for screen free learning and one with lots of ideas to keep your child active! We've also posted a document to support you with reading at home with your child.


Twinkl Home Learning Ideas

Check out the EYFS Parents area for lots of useful guides and activities. 



Here is a Reception Share a Story Pack:



What about an entire pack of activities? (Including counting, reading, writing, crafts, cooking and much more!)



The World

We know how much the children have loved learning about different places around the world. Why not watch these Go Jetters videos on the BBC website to learn about UK places and landmarks, the different continents and also about the environment!


Afterwards, why not send us a ClassDojo video telling us what you liked learning about? Or perhaps you would like to draw a map and add some words? 



Continuing to practise your child's phonics learning at home is hugely important. You will be able to do this daily using the PhonicsPlay website. They have made it free for everyone at home while schools are closed - just use the username march20and the password home.


Year 1

Twinkl Home Learning Ideas

Follow this link to find a great Share a Story Pack, with lots of follow on resources:



Try this link for lots of resources to keep your child busy and learning at home:



Click here to find a PDF with interactive learning links that are ideal to support home learning


Year 2

Try this link for a story and linked activities



Here is a pack of activities to help your child practise fundamental skills



Click below to download a PDF with lots of interactive links to exciting and engaging activities


Year 3

Want to share a story and follow up with some activities?



Here is a whole pack of home learning activities:



Here is a PDF with interactive links to a range of games and activities that help to practise your child's skills:


Year 4

Here's a story you can share and lots of follow up activities:



Here is a pack of activities that practise fundamental skills and reinforce concepts that has already been taught to your child:



This PDF has lots of interactive links to Year 4 activities and resources:


Year 5

Try sharing this story and then using the follow up activities:



Here is a huge pack of activities and resources to help your child practise their existing skills:



This PDF contains clickable links to lots of interactive games and activities:


Year 6

Here is a story and supporting activities:



Here is a huge collection of resources and activities that are perfect to practise those Year 6 skills:



Twinkl have created this PDF which links to lots of interactive games and resources: