Our Team ...

Welcome to Wellesley Park Primary School. On this page you will be able to find out who is who and what their responsibilities are.

Our school is part of The Castle Partnership Trust:

Sarah Watson - CEO / Executive Head

Hannah Gibson-Patel - Chair of Governors

Senior Leadership Team:

Carly Wilkins - Headteacher

Emmaline Hartley-Criddle - Deputy Headteacher SENDCo

Fiona Doidge - Early Years Lead

Francesca Murphy - Key Stage 1 Lead

Dominic Hakes - Lower Key Stage 2 Lead

Kate Fitzgerald - Upper Key Stage 2 Lead

Jo Lilley - School Business Manager

Safeguarding Team:

Emmaline Hartley-Criddle - Lead Designated Safeguarding Officer

Carly Wilkins - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer / Headteacher


Louise Froud - Inclusion Officer

Anthony Goble (Somerset County Council) - LADO


Teaching Staff:



Fiona Doidge (Gruffalo)

Year 1:

Abi Foot (Kipper)

Nadine Winsor (Jasper)

Year 2:

Lydia White (Mrs Tiggy-Winkle)

Francesca Murphy (Peter Rabbit - Mon-Thurs)

Ellie Taylor (Peter Rabbit - Friday)

Year 3:

Amber Fowkes (BFG)

Jo Harris (Matilda)


Year 4:

Dominic Hakes (Hufflepuff)

Hannah Bardle (Gryffindor)

Year 5:

Laura Hill (Galadriel)

Vicky Pilling (Thorin Mon-Wed)

Katie Whittle (Thorin Thurs-Fri)

Year 6:

Kate Fitzgerald (Bagheera)

Leigh Morris (Akela)


Outdoor Learning / Forest School: 

Sarah James



Teaching and Learning Support Assistants:

Gemma Bladwell                              Amanda Kent

Alison Burnett                                  Jenny Mjadzelics

Kay-Gladstone-Smith                      Elaine Richings

Hannah Gulliver                              Pauline Sampson

Natasha Hole                                  Gemma Shire

Diane Jordan                                   Holly Sheehan

Anna Wrightson


Pastoral Support Lead

Mary Wooding

Inclusion Administrator:

Louise Froud

Office Staff:

Jo Lilley

Annie Matthews

Zahra Atri


Midday Supervisors:

Diane Jordan             Jenny Mjadzelics       

Denise Poole             Pauline Sampson

Anna Wrightson         Alison Burnett

Lucy Newberry           Louise Froud

Amanda Kent             Holly Sheehan

Gemma Shire             Hannah Gulliver

Gemma Bladwell



Tracy Sumner - Pre-School Manager

Anne Hollick

Phillippa Tyler

Kirsty Elliott


Dukes' AM:                                                 Dukes' PM:                                    

Diane Jordan                                              Julie Cassling

Kay Gladstone-Smith                                  Diane Jordan

Sara Higby                                                  Alison Burnett

                                                                    Sara Higby

                                                                    Denise Poole